Hi, my name is Angela Bolton - Welcome to my web site.

I have been making mosaics since 2002 and painting for as long as i can remember. I have probably attended just about every art based evening class going. In the last 10 years i have studied pottery, enameling, sculpture, stained glass window and terrarium making, water colour and oil painting, woodwork, pyrography,calligraphy and photography. But none has taken over my life the way mosaics has. At first it was just a hobby but quickly progressed into an obsession. My husband finally got fed up playing Russian roulette with his food when I was cutting glass on the dinning room table and decided I needed a studio. Now I have a light and airy room to play in and my tesserae have purpose built shelves which is a real luxury. I now make decorative pieces, mirrors, mosaic portraits and garden items.